What Is Online Privacy? How These 7 Tips Protect Your Data Online?

What Is Online Privacy_ How These 7 Tips Protect Your Data Online

What Is Online Privacy?

Give 100% security to your personal data online is called online privacy. You can do this by following our tips to protect your data online. We shared some tips which you can easily keep your data safe online.

In this Digitization world, we all know how important is our data, whether it is online or offline. We all know how necessary to keep our data safe from a fraudster and those who misuse our data. 

Keeping our data safe and protective during internet activities is called Online privacy or Limit our personal information to individuals is also referred to privacy.

We can save our info online by following some selected tips even with some cautions too. We are giving you some tips and cautions to save your data. Follow these and feel private during online working.


7 Tips Protect Your Data Online?

1-  Trusted Network

When we are working online somewhere, we should always use a secure network. We must avoid the use of free Wi-Fi and unsecured network in public place. A survey tells us that more than 400 million peoples in the whole world are facing data stolen cases after using public Wi-Fi in malls during shopping.

Always Use Trusted Network
Always Use Trusted Network For Internet Privacy

We know that free Wi-Fi becomes lifesaver sometimes, but please avoid public Wi-Fi. If you are connecting with public Wi-Fi, then don’t do money transactions. It helps you to make your bank details safe and your personal data too.


2-  Strong Passwords

Password plays a significant role in our online privacy and data protection. Most of the peoples(more than 60%) uses their mobile number and their vehicle number in their online login passwords, which is not a good thing to make you private from hackers.

Strong Passwords in Online Privacy?
Strong Passwords

We suggest always create your password with one or two capital letter contains two or three special characters(@,#,$,%,{) too.

Almost all websites use indicators while creating passwords for your profile. Do not understand the password complete until the indicator is entirely in green color.

For strong passwords, you can use password manager apps. A password manager helps to create a strong password and its also help to save our all passwords with full of protection.

We should always change our passwords frequently at a specified time and always use OTP during online transactions.


3- Use Private System

Use Private System For Online Privacy
Use Private System For Online Privacy

Always use your private computer or laptop during online working. Try to avoid personal working in pubic cafes, pc, and computers.

There is too much software like keylogger available in the market which records all your typing data which you types in the public system.

Like if we are logging in our trusted website where we type our user name and password, it is recorded by such types of software, and they save it in public systems.

We must use anti-virus and anti-keylogger software to avoid such types of data stolen cases.

So always use a trusted system and keep you protective online.

4- Avoid Fake Emails

Avoid Fake Emails for online privacy
Avoid Fake Emails

If your email inbox is full of unwanted mails than be careful and check which mail is good or which is bad. Avoid fake emails like who claims that you won this much euros, dollars, rupees or lottery.

Nowadays many hackers mail or call you by announcing that you won too much money please give me your card or account number through which I can transfer your won money in your account.

Please avoid such types of offers, calls, and emails you get. Your intelligence can protect you with such types of data stolen cases.

5- Trusted Websites

The trusted website played a very big role in our internet privacy. Is anyone think how much it effects if we are on nad websites. which did not have SSL certificates and data we entered on that types of website is not safe at all. So friends always use the trusted website if you are on the internet. Always be careful too before choosing a website to surf on the internet.

Trusted Websites
Trusted Websites In Online Privacy

We all notice that suddenly we are getting too many unwanted emails and calls.

It happens because we sign up on an untrusted website, which is stealing our data and sell it to promotion organizations.

So always remember before signup on any websites that first we need to check their privacy policy then signup with your info on all websites.

Always give your info to those websites who are using encryption(starting with https//: ), which indicates you that your info is safe on these websites.


6- Use Verified Apps

Always use verified apps in your system or mobile to keep our data private and safe.

Use Verified Apps In Online Privacy
Use Verified Apps

Some unverified apps misuse our data and making money by selling it to fake companies.

Nowadays we all have mobiles in our pockets to make our life easy but we forget that apps which we are using are good or bad?

Please, downloads verified apps and feel safe your data online. Chat on those apps which provide you end to end encryptions.

Downloads verified apps and feel safe your data online. Chat on those apps which provide you end to end encryptions.

7- Some Others Tips

Track your essential accounts like emails, bank account, social media account, and any other relevant accounts. By tracking, you always be updated with your info. Tracking with your mobile is must be a good idea.

Apply to Send OTP settings to all your accounts So that you can find out the wrong and anonymous login.

Use banks apps to avoid banking fraud because banks apps are verified and safe to use it.

Banks also, provide you virtual keyboard whose benefit is that no wrong software like keylogger can’t catch it.

Always update your laptop and computer. Use anti-virus in your private system to keep away from viruses and hackers.

There are many ways exists through which we can save our data online. Above in this post, I mention a few tips hope you follow them. If you have a question about online privacy, then please comment below. Hope you like this post.


We love if you suggest any edits in our work by commenting. That’s all from this first post.

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