What Is Keylogger? Benefits Of Keylogger and How To Detect Keylogger?

What Is Keylogger? Benefits Of Keylogger and How To Detect Keylogger?
Benefits Of Keylogger and How To Detect Keylogger?

In this post I’am telling you all about What Is Keylogger? Benefits Of Keylogger and How To Detect Keylogger?

What is Keyloggers and how it works?

We do any work online, whether you have an account of anything, whether it is Facebook, our email, twitter, or even our bank account.

Now to access it, we get an Id and password by websites. And that is an excellent thing in this, and we can quickly enter our login Id and password But its negative point is that after this we do not get any definite authentication.

What is Keyloggers and how it works
What is Keyloggers?

So that anyone can access our account, the computer does not know if I am or someone else who has entered the right credentials to log in. Now the system gives access to whichever entered login and password correctly.

So, it is imperative to save these things from hackers. So, it is essential to protect these things from hackers. Similarly, it is also crucial to keep your Id and password secure. Today in that post we are going to tell you about keylogger. Users, did you know what keyloggers is? We are going to tell you what is a keylogger.

Now, these keyloggers can be in the face of hardware or software.

If I talk about hardware, we can put it in any ports of the laptop, and they look like USB, And when I speak about the software, then we can install it in any Computer, MacBook, and Notebooks.

Let us tell you what keyloggers do.

How Keylogger Works
How Keylogger Works?

Friends what happens when we connect or install keyloggers in our system, and we ever press any key in that system, or we did any work, or chat with anyone, or did anything, even if I enter my login password and id.

Keylogger always keeps saving those actions.

Now if someone checks in that keylogger software later, he will quickly find out what you did on his system.

Even he will also get to know all the passwords and Id entered by you.

Now see friends, it has both negative and positive benefits.

The positive benefits are writing below.


What is Keyloggers Software
Keyloggers Software

Parents use it to monitor their children, what their children see on their system or whether they have searched.

By the way, parents also use parental control through which they can block a website, or they can apply another restriction to their system, which is very beneficial to stay safe their child from bad online things.

But nowadays children are brilliant, and they can use the proxy, they can use a VPN to bypass the parental control restrictions.

So in this case, if you use Keylogger whether it is hardware or software. So you can monitor what your children did on the system throughout the day.


Many times companies also use Kelloggers to track their employees.

Somewhere the employees are not leaking any information about the company from their desk. Or is he trying to enter such a place where he is not allowed to go? So that’s why companies use keyloggers to stop all these things.

So for all this, it is excellent software, and it is also beneficial.

Four or five years ago, when we all used cyber cafes for our online work. Even today, many homes do not have broadband or do not have systems, so many people still use cyber cafes. Now no one knows if there is a Keylogger in there systems or not.

Now if it is in the face of hardware, then it is easily visible, but if it is in software, then no one knows that this system installed with keylogger or not.

Because Keylogger keeps doing his work background in the system, and this is his job.

Now if a cyber cafe owner monitors your relevant accounts Id and password in such a situation, then you can understand how dangerous it can be for you.

Now we tell you how you can avoid Keylogger with some of our tips and how you can protect yourself from online piracy.

How To Protect From Keyloggers

1- Use Of Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard For Keyloggers
Virtual Keyboard

Now, first of all, you must have seen that the banks’ websites have the option of a virtual keyboard. Which means that you can enter your login password by clicking on that virtual keyboard. Now in such a situation, Keyloggers cannot detect you because they will be just simple clicks and no key presses.

But he also has a break. Many people use screen decoders in their computers, which records all screen activities by your system and store in their folders. A whole day recording takes 2 or 3gb space.

Many times cyber cafes also use screen decoder in the background. If seen, stealing your privacy is a big crime.

But when you don’t know anything, you can’t do anything against the café owner.

So avoid keypress in others system or cyber cafe to protect your data.

How To Detect Keylogger

2- By This Shortcut

Whenever you go to a cyber café or are working on someone else’s system then first press CTRL+ALT+DLT.

how to detect keylogger?
how to detect keylogger?

Now by doing this, you will see a list of all running apps in task manager.

Now watch here that any keylogger or screed decoder software is run or not. If you found run such types of software stop them immediately and do your work.

But in some cases, these apps don’t stop running by the end of this task. So, in that case, we suggest you that please avoid such types of systems for your privacy.

But some times if you want some document prints in cafes then follows these steps.

1- First of all, ask a cyber cafe owner for his email ID.

2- Forward your necessary email to their email.

3- Login with cyber cafes owner account and take out your print.

4- In the last, delete your email from owners account and also eliminate from trash folder in the email account.


So that’s all are benefits and loss of keyloggers which we shared with your users. If we use keylogger for a good reason, then it helps a lot, but today many peoples use keylogger for stolen the data of their users and sell it to organizers.


Friends if you have any question and if you feel that our post give useful knowledge to you, then please comment below. Thanks All.

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