Weird Technology 2019: Unusual Smart Devices People Worldwide Use

weird smart technologies of 2019

We live in a digital age where smart home devices like Amazon Echo make our life better by helping us perform many routine tasks easily. There are many weird smart devices too that may make you laugh or think why on earth they were invented. There could be some that you never heard of, but people around the world are using them.

We have made a list of smart devices and technologies that are ridiculously smart. These are some weird inventions that prove that we humans never believe in limiting the imagination.

• Quirky Egg MinderQuirky Egg Minder

Connecting your best home gadgets with the Internet is not a big thing in 2019. You can even connect your egg tray to the World Wide Web. Yes! That’s true. Created in partnership with GE, Quirky Egg Minder gives you an opportunity to make your egg tray enjoy the Internet.

What does this thing do?

It, through an app, informs you in the case the tray is going eggless soon. The tray features an LED that tells you the egg in the tray reaching its expiration date. The device may seem to be one of the weird smart devices we have around us, but people worldwide are using it. You can also buy it easily on Amazon.

• Smart Bedsmart bed

Sleep trackers are the usual way to track sleep patterns. There are smart beds for smart humans in 2019. According to its makers, the invention is better than gadgets we have to track sleeping habits as it provides with more data than devices we have right now.

The smart bed not just tracks your sleep pattern but also adjusts the temperature and even supports on both sides. You can connect your smartphone with this amazing bed to get daily notifications on how did you sleep.

• ClickStickClickStick

Applying deodorant is much easier today than it was a few years ago, thanks to eco-friendly ClickStick deodorant. What makes it fall in the list of weird smart devices? Well, it decides the amount of deodorant you require. Just push the button and the device will take care of the perfect amount.

What’s more? It comes with a smartphone app that you can use to set your preferences regarding deodorant or order refill. That is what we call actual use of technology. Isn’t it?

Baby Smart Changing PadBaby Smart Changing Pad

In the 21st century, technology is not limited to adults or teens only. Babies can also use it to join the smart brigade of humans, thanks to Hatch Baby Smart Charging Pad. If you think it works like an ordinary baby pad, then you are absolutely wrong. It takes care of the baby. How?

It weighs an infant, measures food intake, tells you to change the baby’s diaper, and shares data on your smartphone through an app. Apart from that, it notifies you if the baby is experiencing some kind of allergies.

• NoraNora

No offence, but it may take you ages to guess what exactly Nora does. If you guessed that it is a weird technology of 2019 that helps get rid of snoring, then you are a genius. The device does exactly what you just guessed. It’s an anti-snoring device that helps you deal with your snoring issue in the smartest way.

Nora may be one of the weird smart devices, but it is very useful. The gadget comes with another device that you put under your pillow. When it detects that you are snoring, it carefully shifts your head.

Nora is really smart. Isn’t it?

• TragoTrago water bottle

Do you have a water bottle that you use daily to stay hydrated? Great, if it’s a ‘yes’. But how do you know how much water is left in it? Trago is here to help you. The smart device is a water bottle cap that effectively detects the amount of water left in your bottle.

You can link the smart cap with your water bottle and let it help you to stay hydrated.

• Smart ToiletSmart Toilet

Don’t say a smart toilet surprised you. But it may be amazing to know what exactly it does. Like many other smart devices, it is equipped with lots of fascinating features. They include a motion-activated seat that can be heated and a deodorizing filter. In addition, there is a Bluetooth speaker.


These are some weird smart technologies that 2019 has for you. Which one among them is surprisingly the weirdest? Tell us.

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