5 Simple Topics For Safe Internet Browsing

5 Simple Topics For Safe Internet Browsing

Here in this post, you can find 5 Simple Topics For Safe Internet Browsing. Because during surfing we forget to take precautions for our online privacy.

Surfing on the internet is a good habit but ever you check are you safe during surfing or not? 

Online Security matter a lot for every single people who are using internet connectivity and doing their work online.
Millions of people across from the world using the internet and giving their personal data info without thinking and knowing.

So in this topic, we are going to talk about some online indicators which tell you that you are on a safe network or website or chat applications.

5 Simple Topics For Safe Internet Browsing


HTTPS AND HTTP for safe browsing

When we are doing some work online, we do not check whether this website is safe for our data or not.

In such a situation, how will we know that this website is right?
In order to find out the same thing, check the website on which you are working.
If this website URL is prefixed or start with HTTPS then all is fine, your data is safe here. Now you can proceed whatever you want to do on that website.

In HTTPS, which suffix with S. Which means Secure and here all the data you entered in this website is in encrypted form during transfer b/w server and website.

But if you find that URL is prefixed or start with HTTP then you are not on a safe website. Here you can be cheated or your cash data can be sold to someone else.

In That way you can check and how HTTP and HTTPS help you to find out that your private data and info is protected here.

2 -: Direct In URL

watch Direct In URL for safe browsing
Direct In URL

You can also check through your website URL whether you are on a secure website or not.
If the URL structure of the website is such as we show you in the example (example.com/name=54&password=1234&address=exp/) then it is not a secure website.

You can check this by following these steps.

  • First press signup or register here on any website.
  • Enter your wrong information on all boxes.
  • Press SignUp

After processing, if you found all your inserted information in URL structure then avoid signup on that website because of this website data is not in hiding mode.

Avoid such types of websites and save your data.


End to End Encryption For Online Privacy
End to End Encryption

End to end encryption transfer our data during travel between server and user is in encrypted form. Most of the trusted website and apps using this function and show in their chat rooms before we start chatting with our loved ones.

Most of the mobile application uses end to end encryption,
This app is using end to end encryption and we can find out by reading its terms before downloading it.

User reviews play a more important role to find out that this app is using encryption by reading app reviews.

This is how you can know about the end to end encryption and we suggest you that always use apps which giving you this feature. At that time this feature means a lot.

4 -: Chrome Browser

Chrome Browser For Safe Browsing
Chrome Browser

Through the Google Chrome browser, you can feel safe while browsing your website. Because it has some indicators in the url box at the starting point of the URL, which tells you whether you are on a secure website or not.

When we are browsing in Google Chrome browser, you can see that there are some notes like Secure, Company Name, Not Secure or Lock Image at the beginning of the URL.

If you can see Secure, company name and lock image. Just in front of browsing website URL then it means data you are transferring is in encrypted form in this website and you are safe here.
But if you see Not Secure than it means user data is not safe on that website.

So use chrome browser during internet browsing is will help you to protect your privacy.

5 -: Privacy Policy

Reading privacy policy of every site is useful Topics For Safe Internet Browsing.

Privacy Policy, this topic is too important but most of the internet users ignore this topic during web browsing. They did not care of their data.

Every single website or app provides a privacy policy segment. Users neglect to read this segment without knowing what they are doing and how it is harmful to them and their data.

In the privacy policy, all apps and website tell every single info about them. Users must read website policy and its privacy info. The website tells you what they are going to do with their user’s info which they are storing on their website.
Here websites also give you info that they are using a secure server which helps in saving their users personal info.

You can also be called terms and conditions to the privacy policy. We suggest every internet must-read privacy policy of all websites and apps before browsing or inserted their personal info.

There is a lot way through which you can save your personal info online. Above we give some of them to you. Hope you like them.


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