5 Simple Experts Tips To Protect Your Privacy Online

5 Simple Experts Tips To Protect Your Privacy Online

In this post, I’m going to share Experts Tips To Protect Your Privacy Online. Online safety is always a good thing to follow. We avoid to protect your privacy online. All around the world, there is billion’s of users using the internet and sharing their favorite pictures, videos, and many more works.

For all these peoples, we love to share these experts internet tips to protect their data safe to keep their privacy safe online.

Take a look at these 5 Experts Tips To Protect Your Privacy Online.

1- Conversation Over The Phone

Protect Your Privacy Conversation Over The Phone

Everybody knows that phone hacking is not a possible thing nowadays. If there is no protection over the phone, then hackers efficiently do such types of things.

In that case, what happens to users some apps exist, which allowed recording your voice, and they also have access to receive your storage data.

At the time of phone conversation, if your mobile connected to the internet. These apps easily record your conversations, which you are doing with your loved ones or friends.

When you talk about your login and password related conversation, then please stay safe because hackers eyes are on you.

To make sure that, no one is listening or recording your conversation. There are many apps that, alerts you if someone is spying on you.

Eagle Security is one of the best apps, which tracks and store the location of all the cell towers and bases. It helps to protect your privacy online .

In any case, Eagle Security noticed that some locations in your network area are rotating and the signal is disconnected from time to time.

Eagle Security alerts the mobile owner that some suspicious activity is happening with your cell signal.

Eagle security also inform you that this apps is using your mice and camera and recording your voice too during the phone calls.

If you find any such apps that do not work with calls, then you can close them immediately at that time and save your conversations.

2- Unwanted Advertisement

Protect Your Privacy Unwanted Ads

Many times a wrong software is also found in your browser in the advertisement. It easily installs in your system and runs unwanted ads in your system browser.

All those annoying pop-ups and in ads offering you free software like antivirus programs are coming in your system.

These advertisements quickly can get access to your browser history to send you more targeted ads.

These adware’s disable your antivirus easily and track you regularly to give targeted ads in your system.

Some times you noticed that if you have searched any product in your browser, then you found this product in your adds too.

To avoid such types of a mess, you can install adblocking on your system and always keep remember to update your system, especially antiviruses software. This is how ad blocker helps to protect your privacy online.

Which saving your data from intruders and protect you online all the time.

How To Protect Digital Privacy

3- Unsafe Downloads

Always be aware during any Downloads

Always be careful with your downloads, just like many targeted adds which offers you the best products and no-cost services during surfing or browsing.

Some apps provide some cool functions at no extra cost. Be aware of such types of promotion and downloads options because nothing is free in that world.

Such types of download offers have malware and suspicious virus which attacks your system and steals your data form your directories. The goal is the same here. They want to enter in your privacy and love to hack your data to damage your device or system.

Don’t be crazy about some trendy products, movies, videos, and games. Before downloads, please check and research about your loved content.

Avoid these types of downloads buttons and protect your data safe on the internet world.

4 – Unique Password

Unique Passwords in Online Privacy?
Unique Passwords

If you are putting one two three or your mobile number or your vehicle number or your date of birth, then I feel you are mad. Only mad peoples put such types of passwords for their accounts.

These types of password put blindly in the world. If you have a password like that, then please comment on our post. Yes, we think that these types of passwords are okay to admitted and easy to remember. But sorry guys, you are wrong here. It’s ok to assume, but you’re not only single people to do that thing. We all make mistakes.

What can we add in password to make it reliable?

A better and secure password always has one upper case letter, one lower case letter, numbers, and many punctuation characters. People should make their internet password strong with these points.

People must make unique passwords of every internet-related accounts like emails, social media, system password, and banking accounts.

Many peoples make mistakes by making one password for all their online accounts. If hackers get your password, then they must attack your all personal account to steal your data or personal information.

In case, if you are afraid to remember the different passwords of your various accounts.

Users you can use password managing software, which helps you to remember your all passwords.

So please take care of yourself on the internet from cybercrime and protect your data safe always.

5- Two-Step Authentication

Two Factor Authentication For Online Privacy

In this modern world, there are many ways to keep your safety online. From all these ways, two-step authentication is widely using the verification method. Use of this method is must be compulsory to protect your privacy online.

This verification method is very protective and always be useful for every single people in this world.

Your banking system, facebook, hosting provider, and twitter. All these have this method in their settings.

What does two-step authentication verification contain?

  1. First, we download an app like Google Authenticator for Android and Authy for IOS.
  2. Open settings of your website account.
  3. Choose two-step authentication in security option.
  4. Here you have a bar code in your display.
  5. Scan these code via a downloaded authenticator app.
  6. Enter the name of your current login website.
  7. Here you can get a code.
  8. Enter this six-digit code in required fields.
  9. Now your two-step verification is on.

We have to put this unique key(which changing in every minute) on the next page after inserting your login and password.

By this method no other access your account if he does not have your cell.

We advised every user to add this method for their every account. This verification system always helps you to save your data online and protect yourself from online crimes.


That’s all guys from this post where we shared Experts Tips To Protect Your Privacy Online. Hope you like these tips. If anyone follows only one tip from which we discussed above in this post, then please tell us by commenting down in this post. Have a safe internet life 😉

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