6 Must Watch Tips To Keep Your Data Safe On Internet

Keep Your Data Safe
6 Must Watch Tips To Keep Your Data Safe On Internet

In this post, take a look at these 6 Must Watch Tips To Keep Your Data Safe On Internet.

If you do not want anyone accesses your system or messing up with your personal information, then you must keep in your mind some simple rules, or you can say tips.
Some mind-blowing and experts advised rules we shared with you below in that post. Take a tour with these awesome tips through which you can make your data safe.

6 Ways To Keep Your Data Safe

1- Don’t Use Unsafe Networks

Dont Use Unsafe Network and Keep Your Data Safe
Keep Your Data Safe

If you are connected with any public wi-fi or unsecured network or unsecured browser, then you must be careful. The hacker’s eyes are on your data because of public systems.

In such case, you can use a VPN(Virtual-Private-Network).

What VPN Does?

The answer is here, actually what when you are connected or browsing with insecure browser. At that time your all data is in decrypted form and not in encrypted form.

For that, we can use VPN, which comes in between your connected device and your system and encrypt all your data during its destination. 

Now all your data which transferring is in the form of encrypted and you are safe. Which means what you are doing and who you are, only your VPN knows that not others.

There is many software’s available online, which gives you free VPN access.

You can also install browser tor which automatically does these things in your system.

2 РAvoid Encoded Devices 

Avoid Drives For Data Privacy
Keep Your Data Safe On Internet

Portable encoded devices and flash drives, which allows us to save or transferring our data at any moment without any internet connectivity. This device is so simple to use.

However, here in this world, everything has negative points. Which also allows hackers to access your data if they get your that device.

In that case, to encrypt all your devices like USB sticks, mobiles, and other devices that can easily be lost. You can download superuser coding programs which are available online and free.

These programs automatically encrypt and decrypt your devices easily. You will not know that these programs keep doing all this work comfortably in the background.

So if any hackers or others get your encrypted device then he is not able to extract all your data which available in your devices, and your data is protected in encrypted form.

For full encryption in tablets and mobile, it is better to use your system operating system builts functions.

In your Iphone you can go to the settings and find password option and in android, you can direct go in the settings after then in security.

3 – Surf Safe Websites

Surf Always Trusted Website For Online Protection

Too many people believe that they have nothing to hide. They are sure that special service agents don’t care about where they are and what they share on facebook or what they bought on eBay and they are probably right about that

But it’s not just about government tracking or whatever. When you decide to have nothing to hide and don’t mind your personal information being shared with special services.

You actually give up your internet security.

Its way of saying you don’t care, and that’s a problem because hackers can also get access to your work papers, business correspondence, family photos, and do whatever they want with that data.

If you don’t want that to happen. Its high time to reconsider your attitudes towards your safety online. There is an excellent way to do that is by visiting only useful and websites which have HTTPS in the address bar.

You can also avoid via installing plugins that encrypt all your transferred data.

4 – Be Careful On Chatting Apps

Chat On Trusted App For Online Privacy
Keep Your Data Safe Online

These are one of hacker’s favorite targets, so if you keep in touch with your close ones via messaging apps.

Listen up,
First of all, to protect your chat use messengers, which automatically encrypt all messages.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Signal Private Messenger all do that.

If someone suddenly gets access to your messages, they’ll only see encrypted characters that will years to take read them.

Unfortunately, hackers aren’t the only ones out there fishing for your info.

Companies owning messengers can still get access to your chats using the special key.

They can easily hand over all that information to law enforcement agencies in case they’re required.

To avoid this, try a tip of Edward Snowden himself a former CIA employee who sure knows a lot about online safety.

Use messenger with a plugin that encrypts messages as they’re being sent

For encrypting the messages you can use the plugin with the name of OTR(Of The Record), and Red Phone is also one of those. These plugins are available online.

5- Be aware From Unsafe Clouds

Unsafe Cloud storage
Keep your data safe online

Clouds are an essential thing to save your pictures, office data, videos, documents, files.

Moreover, through the cloud, we can easily access our data anywhere at any place at any time.

However, from our suggestion, clouds are not safe. Hackers quickly stole your cloud password and log in. Even Google Drive, DropBox, One Drive, I-could are not safe too.

However, you can easily keep your data safe by using encryption programs.

These programs auto-create a folder in your system and store your data in encryption form. It allowed transferring your data to cloud with encrypted form.

That’s how you can easily save your data by these types of programs.
You can try Box Krypter which creates such types of programs and free to use.


Best Way To Keep Your Data Safe On Internet


6 – Keep Your Letters Private

Keep Your Letters And Password Private

Do you do most of your major letter for work over the internet or maybe you send your friends pictures of your kids now and then.

In any case, you wouldn’t want that getting into the hands of intruders.

Would you?

If you want to make sure your emails and pictures arrived safely to their destination, try installing a particular encryption extension for your browser.

It’s all easy and for that check these options.

  1. When we send emails, and these emails travel in the form of encrypt letters.
  2. To decrypt your message, they must enter a unique key.
  3. Just don’t text them that key.
  4. Send it through a messenger.
  5. That kind of defeats the purpose.
  6. Pass it on to them only in person or send it using an encryption program.

All these efforts are worth it when it comes to the safety of your data.


I hope you follow these ideas to keep your data safe on the internet.
Guys, if you have any question and if there is an error in our post, then please comment below. Thanks

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