JioPhone Next 4g Volte Launch Date, Price , Features

jiophone next launch date

JioPhone Next 4G Volte and JioPhone Next Advanced are ready to launch in India. Both smartphones are going to be the cheapest 4G Android phones in the world. There is a rumor that JioPhone Next is launching on 10 September 2021. Jio alliance with Google to make JioPhone Next 4G Volte.

JioPhone Next 4G Volte price is near around INR 3500 rupees and its advanced version JioPhone Next Adavaced price is near around 6000 rupees.

JioPhone Next 4g volte

Jio is known as the first 4G network provider of India. Jio changed the life of people in the internet world. Now, Jio is giving an opportunity to grab a 4G Android smartphone at a very affordable price. As per the news, Jio is giving JioPhone Next only in a down payment of INR 500 rupees. The rest of the payment people will pay in installments for JioPhone Next.

Jio is planning to sell 50 million JioPhone Next units in the upcoming six months. Jio is going to do partnerships with many banks to sell JioPhone Next. That is why Jio set the price of 500 rupees of Jio Phone Next as a down payment. Give 500 rs and buy Jio Phone Next.

On the other hand, Google is also supporting this phone, which makes a strong point for JioPhone Next. Google must provide extra smooth performance to JioPhone Next.

JioPhone Next 4G Volte Features

2/ 3GB RAM, 16/32 GB ROM inbuilt. Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 Processor.
Single Sim , 4G, VoLTE. 2500 mAh Battery.
Touch Screen Display. 13 MP Quad Rear Camera.
Memory Card Supported. Android version 11.

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