How The Online Ads Follow You? Stop Ads From Following You

How The Online Ads Follow You_? Stop Ads From Following You

Do you know how the online ads follow you everywhere around the internet on your laptop or mobile? Those ads are incredibly disturbing and are like a perpetual reminder that you are not a different person online. You feel that anywhere you go, someone’s eye is on you.

Ads Problems

You may have seen a product on your laptop last week, and now advertisements for it appear on websites you surfing, On your Facebook timeline, perhaps even on your phone.

That happens because websites and advertisers track us all across the internet. That’s helpful in some cases like you want websites logged in always. But it is annoying for some peoples in other cases.

The advertiser can make sure that you see their ads, or say that they are showing you such advertisements which are necessary for you or you have searched them on the internet, which means that advertisers are collecting information on you.
This is something you do not want to do.

There are some easy ways through which you can stop ads from following yourself.

Now here you think that you have a browser of incognito mode. Such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
And that incognito mode is constructive, but it doesn’t have everything you need.

If we tell the meaning of privacy, whenever we open our browser, it should be like a completely new system. Whenever we close our browser, then all this data is wiped auto from history. This is real privacy for you.

Sometimes it is also beneficial for us. If we buy something from a public system, at least it deletes all history with its closure. But it’s not good for long-term use because you expect that your browser remembers some things.

Like you might want that amazon ad not track you everywhere, but you do want Amazon to remember that you are logged in.

So how can we do that? All this you can do that very quickly.

First, you need to start to unfollow all the companies which you follow on the internet.
And this is very easy because most of the browser has this option and gives you access to block all companies. You can do this by deleting your browser history, cache, saved websites, and cookies. Chrome and firefox provide these options in privacy settings.

Safari Browser enabled this option by default. Block third-party cookies in your browser.
That’s a better, secure point to start to increase your privacy.

How Cookies Play With Our Privacy

Cookies play a critical role in our online privacy. What is these cookies and ad trackers we have been talking with you?
The cookie is a piece of data that websites store on your private system.
At its most basic level, this can be like facebook storing your login credentials to keep you signed in, which is good.

But the fact is website can not get the cookie data which is stored by another website. Now here the problem is, advertiser companies work for many websites and websites works for them. That’s why they use their info from one place to another place.

This is how ads work in our system and how the online ads follow you?

So, for example,  you’re looking at any product online to buy. Then the next day you see, you are surfing a completely different website, but you have seen an ad of product which you saw yesterday. Now, at that first question is in your mind is how the online ads follow you?
That happened because the first site you were on, had an ad module that’s also on the other site you’re visiting.
That ad can check you and saved a cookie to see what you were looking yesterday and show you an advertisement for it today. That’s become very annoying when it happens with your all devices which you are using.

That happened because advertising data is not just kept on your system — some of its auto-save on advertiser servers.

So if you use more than one devices on the same network, that network thinks you are one person. So advertiser might be able to figure out that the same person who looked at products on the system is also the same person who is the owner of that mobile. And now the ad starts appearing on your mobile too.

How The Online Ads Follow You

Advertiser does such things for these reasons.

1 – Advertisers want to know who you are and what is your interest, so they can show targeted ads to you.
2- They want to know that their ad is reaching at you or not.

Some times personalized ads are helpful, it’s hard to resist that your privacy is not safe, and browser have more options to track you. So always block your cookies settings to protect your data safe.

But the problem is that some settings work better than others and none of them block everything you need.

You can use browser extensions to protect your data safe online. These are really useful. If we recommend you then our choice is Privacy Badger made by the EFF.

It doesn’t block everything like trackers, but it blocks unsafe websites and ads which is misbehaving with your privacy and your system too. You can still track by some trackers, but they’re useless and didn’t affect your privacy.

You can do the same things with your mobile. You can download a browser firefox focus in your mobile that automatically block trackers, which is available in Android and iOS both version.

Browsers for mobile, which helps you to protect your data safe online.

If you are using the iOS system and want to use Safari browser, you can download a1 Blocker, which will allow you to block third party cookies and trackers.

You should also be careful about your privacy settings on social media too. Facebook and Google both operate targeted ad networks, and they each give you control over how much data you are collecting with them, and how much they personalize their ads to show targeted ad to you.

If you want to do a little bit extra to protect your privacy, there’s more you can do.
You can download a browser extension like HTTPS Everywhere.
This Extension makes sure that you are always going to the secure version of websites whenever possible.

And if you need to browse privately because of surveillance concerns there always Tor, which is a better and safe way to protect your privacy online.

This is not something that most people are going to need, but if you are concerned about it, you should know that it’s an option, and it’s easier to get started with than you think. You need to download and install the Tor Browser.

I think the best place to start is that change your browser privacy settings in your browser that can blocks some trackers online. It’s not do anything wrong, but going to make the web feel a little bit safe and protective.


That’s all from this post. Hope guys, you like this info which we gave you about on your privacy. Please suggest us by commenting, what were more tips to avoid cookies and unwanted ads. Thanks 🙂

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