Did You Notice These Amazing Things In The Lion King 2019 Trailer

Did You Notice These Amazing Things In The Lion King 2019 Trailer

The king arrives on July 19, 2019! This is the release date of Disney’s The Lion King movie whose trailer hit the Internet on April 10. From critics to Internet users, everyone had priceless reactions to the Lion King 2019. Directed by Jon Favreau, who is renowned for making the 2016 film ‘The Jungle Book’, Disney’s Lion King remake promises several things to people who are eagerly waiting for the movie to hit the theaters.

Just a few hours after the release, The Lion King Trailer emerged among the trending videos on YouTube. Until now, it has more than 300K likes, and the fans are going gaga in the trailer’s comment section. On the other side, there were some people who didn’t like the new Scar.

Although there were plenty of things to notice and compare with the original Lion King, the 2019 movie’s trailer had some amazing things that went unnoticed. Let’s discuss them:

Graphics: They Are Amazing

Animating animals is tough, but not when there’s Disney involved. The Lion King trailer shows some spectacular views of animals which prove how good the film’s graphics are. They are really good, all thanks to the CGI work. For example- Mufasa’s mane is fluffy and cute when the wind blows. Apart from that, Scar looks bedraggled predator. One of the most amazing moments that bring joy is when Simba walks behind Timone and Pumba- everyone knows that iconic moment.

Script: It Matches The Expectations

One of the most difficult things to face when it comes to making remakes is the fear of missing out iconic moments and quotes. In this section, the script of The Lion King 2019 doesn’t fail. In the trailer, the prep talk by Mufasa to Simba was magical. On the other side, the threat by Scar to Simba to run away urges us to hate him again.

Who Noticed The Bird: It’s Zazu

While comparing the 2019 film’s trailer with the original classic, not many would have noticed the moment between Simba and a beautiful bird. It was Zazu. Remember the winged creature? The grey bird shown in the dessert looks scrawny, but it immediately takes us back to that colorful creature in the old classic.

Timone and Pumba: The Best Duo

Honestly speaking, The Lion King trailer is incomplete without discussing the world’s most loved duo- Timone and Pumba. The 2019 Disney film trailer has plenty of intense and emotional moments, but it takes a lighter tone when these two creatures arrive. Their presence makes everyone feel the witty one-liners from the iconic movie.

These are some of the most amazing things about The Lion King 2019 trailer. The Disney movie is going to be released in July, and we hope it recreates the magic that we all fans expect from it. How did you find the trailer? Which was your favorite moment? Share with us.

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