Artificial Intelligence App For Mobile: Best Android AI Apps

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest achievements of the 21st century in the science and technology field. Popularly known as AI, it includes machines and applications that match the intelligence level of humans. These are some of the most advanced manmade inventions that help humans complete their tasks quickly and accurately. Apart from machines, we are using an Artificial Intelligence app for mobile to simplify a task. For example- We have some of the best Android AI apps that exist in various sectors of society to assist humans in their work.

In the modern technology-driven world, AI apps are being used in a number of fields- including business, tourism, and others. There are many kinds of AI-powered applications that we are using today on our smartphone and smart devices without even realizing how amazing AI inventions they are.

Below are some of the widely used artificial intelligence apps you can have for your Android device:

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey KeyboardIt is one of the most common and extremely popular keyboard apps that pose as the perfect example of AI in mobile applications. Available for both Android and iOS, the app offers its useful assistance to automatically correct spellings and sentences. Apart from that, you can also use the app to get correct words or your mobile screen before typing them there.


CortanaCreated by Microsoft, Cortana is a personal assistant artificial intelligence app that can assist you in many tasks. Originally developed for Window phones, the AI app can also be used in Android mobiles today. Using the application, you can easily sync your smartphone with a computer. You can make the use of Cortana to track your media files and various other kinds of resources from your mobile.


ELSAIt’s a popular Artificial Intelligence app for mobile among users who want to learn English from the comfort of their place. English Language Speech Assistant (ELSA) is an Android AI app that assists users in improving their English speaking skills. As per the app’s concept, smartphone owners can download the app and use it to learn the language in less than 4 weeks.


• Google Allo

Google AlloAn instant messaging mobile app by Google, it allows Android and iOS phone users to perform many functions on their phone via voice. In addition, they can make use of emojis/stickers to express their feelings or emotions. Google Allo also serves as an application as a voice to text app. To allow users to hide their search history, the app provides them with the incognito mode, which is similar to Google Chrome’s mode with a similar name. Sadly, Google Allo is no more available to download as the company said Goodbye to the app in March this year.


Robin appA smart Artificial Intelligence app for mobile, Robin is a voice assistant system that Android users can use for multiple purposes. They can type a text message through voice without typing anything on their phone’s screen. Apart from that, the AI application can also be used for navigation and to set reminders. This is not it. Robin proves beneficial to get traffic status, weather forecast, and locate parking space.


HoundThe AI app is similar to Google Voice Search, and Android users can get the application to perform an extensive range of activities without typing anything on their phone’s screen. They can launch the app by saying ‘Okay Hound’. The app can help understand weather forecast, locate restaurants, book a cab, and find keywords on the Internet.


SocraticMath is no more a problem when you have Socratic in your Android phone. It is an advanced AI app that has been getting more and more attention of mobile owners with each passing day. The app assists in doing Math homework. All you need to do is click a picture of your homework and let the application find concepts for you which are related to your homework.

What Is Future Of AI App For Mobile

Smartphones are going be smarter in future, thanks to AI. The technology is going to bridge the gap between phones and applications. In the next few years, developers are going to adopt AI to make a smarter artificial Intelligence app for mobile that may assist users to perform many activities quickly and effectively.

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