8 Tips To Protect Your Website And Its Data Safe

8 Tips To Protect Your Website And Its Data Safe

In this post, I’m going to tell you about how these 8 Tips To Protect Your Website And Its Data Safe .

Friends, you know what a website means to someone and how much they love their website and how we can protect your website and its data safe. So let’s talk about the security of your lovely website today. Friends, in this Internet world, there are all kinds of people, as in simple life too. Just like there are bad people all over the world, hackers are bad people in the internet world.

How can you keep your website safe?

They are always ready to destroy their enemies website, or some destroy in the name of testing. So here today in this post we are talking about how to protect your website and its data safe. Are you really love your website and want to take care of it. Then follow these tips and provide a protective shield to your website. Which protect your work and your user’s work.

1 – Update your website CMS

Content Management System's

When someone starts their website. In such a situation, we need a CMS (Content Management System) to work on it.
Friends, in this, we have Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and many more options available as CMS. Out of these, we can start the site work on any one CMS.

WordPress – But if we obey the experts, then WordPress is considered an excellent and safe CMS. WordPress has many plugins which provide a lot of safety. This is easy to use, and we can protect our website work with the using some best security plugins and themes. WordPress has more security plugins in comparison to other CMS. We make any website on this CMS platform.

Magento – It is the most secure platform for e-commerce websites. It is one of the best eCommerce platforms in terms of support, security. By the use of this CMS, users can feel protective for your website. So use Magento for better safety and protection. It also helps to secure users privacy on websites. You can create ultimately better eCommerce store sites using Magento.

Shopify – Shopify is also a very secure and useful CMS for eCommerce website. It has his design system.

Guys you can use any of them these are most safe and widely used CMS platform for a secure and protective website. It help to protect your website and its data safe. All can save users information private and safe.

2- ADD and Update plugins and Extensions

update WordPress Plugins For Privacy


For smoothness and privacy for sites, we need security plugins. By the use of a security plugin, we can easily save our website from hackers and bad peoples. We recommend some plugins for every some CMS platforms. Which is very helpful for every user.

Magento Security Extensions – Magento gives options to choose security extensions to its users. Because this is best for eCommerce websites, so the use of security extension becomes necessary. Watch out these mentions extensions which safe your website.

  1. Watch Log Pro
  2. Mage Fence
  3. Mage Firewall Security
  4. Admin Login Action
  5. Two Factor Authentication

WordPress Security Plugins – WordPress give options to every single user to install security plugins. There are many plugins available on WordPress, but here we recommend some plugins which make your website secure.

  1. iThemes Security
  2. Wordfence
  3. Secure-i
  4. Bulletproof Security

Shopify – For Shopify CMS use these plugins to provide better safety to your website.

  1. McAfee Security Plugins
  2. Easy Lock Down
  3. Content Protection

Joomla Security Extension – Look at these Joomla security extensions. Install in your CMS and make safe your website.

  1. RS Firewall
  2. Jom Defender
  3. J Hack Gaurd
  4. Antivirus Protection

Apart from these options, users can also use website lock system. Your hosting provider provides this system. So always look for this option in your server and give safety to your website.

3- SQL Injection

SQL Injection For online privacy

An SQL injection is a very commonly used technique of hackers. It is used to hack websites data. In the SQL injection attack, malicious code is inserted at the end of the website URL in the input fields or address bar. By using it, you can delete, modify, or steal the data by entering the PHP my admin database of a website.

How to prevent websites from SQL injection attacks?

First of all, we will find out if there can happen a SQL injection attack on our site.
For this, we can put such type of URL in the address bar.
When you enter such type a URL and after entering it, if the site is vulnerable, then an error will come on your screen. And if the website is not vulnerable, then Page Not Found error will arrive on your screen. If MySQL error occurs on your screen, then your website cannot avoid SQL injection attacks.

Now for safety of your website from SQL injection attacks, you can add some plugins and extensions which protect your websites. For WordPress website, you can use any of plugin which I mention below in this para.

  1. BBQ.
  2. Change Table Prefix.
  3. Injection Gaurd.
  4. Hide My WP Ghost.

These are widely used plugins for WordPress website, which can block bad queries and safe your website from SQL injection attacks. By the use of these plugins, you can protect your website and its data safe. You can also use PHP functions which breaks the characters into string after user input.

4- Locked Admin URL

HTTPS AND HTTP for safe browsing

For the better safety of your website always lock or use encrypted admin URL to login. Because everyone knows the default admin URL and anybody can try to log in your admin panel. So we recommend using encrypted or custom admin URL to login to your admin dashboard.

Here are some tips to hide your admin URL.

WordPress – In WordPress, you order your developer to make a function to hide URL. There are many plugins available in WordPress which can protect your admin URL or give access to you to make your custom admin URL. Lock Down Admin is one of my favorite plugins. We recommend this plugin to enhance your website security.

Magento – In Magento, you can follow these steps to add safety to your admin URL.

  • On admin bar clicked store then settings then configuration.
  • On the left side click advance then admin then security.
  • Now here you can show some other options to set or add critical features to your admin URL.
  • Follow all steps here and make your admin URL safe.

Joomla – For Joomla admin URL, Joomla gives extensions to make your admin URL private. These extensions direct impact on your Admin URL and you’re (http://example/joomla/administrator) will not work. These extensions provide benefits for additional personal key in your admin URL. Which makes your URL private to you. The impact is that it can save our websites.

5- Use Trusted and Verified Themes

Download Trusted Themes For Website Privacy


When it comes to the point of design a websites, then the first thing which comes in mind is themes. Themes make website design and UI system of users.

Themes give perfections to the website but stay careful always during the time of choosing. Hackers create some themes, which are injected with malicious code. It helped hackers to enter the website system and caused website hacking.

We recommend paid themes to protect your website and its data safe. It affects your pocket, but it also protects the work and data of your users. If we use paid themes, then it is better for good SEO, which helps to increase your website rank and give you higher visitors.


6- Check Websites Activites Regular – Netsparker

Logo Credit Goes To (netsparker)

If you do not want to download security plugins and themes, then you can use one tool which is provided by Netsparker website. This tool helps you to analyze your complete website and tells you that your website is hacked or not. This tool gives every wrong info which can cause badly to your site. Netsparker always alerts every corrupt activity which is happening with your website.

Netsparker gives solutions to your websites security errors, and you can fix all your security error by following his solutions. So always regularly check your site on Netsparker and give security shield to your websites.


7- Check Backlinks Of your Websites

Use Spamfree Backlinks For Website Privacy

Backlinks, very much needed the stuff to rank higher your website. But sorry guys there is always a bad issue in every good step. Like that backlinks are suitable for your website. But it is essential to have all those backlinks from an excellent website.

So always monitor your backlinks. Check if any backlink gives a terrible impression to your website, remove immediately by the help of google search console, which became under webmaster tools of Google.

Step to remove bad backlinks of your website.

  • Log in google search console in webmaster tools.
  • Check here the tools option.
  • Now check to disavow links main option.
  • Select the link you want disavow here.

You can also use Alexa tool to see which website gives the link of your website.

Click Here to directly reach the google tools where you can disavow your bad backlinks.

8- Check Bot Attacks

Save Websites From Bot Attacks

When your website is not safe and, bad peoples have access to your website. Due to which they send traffics bots to your site. They send fake crawlers too.

Which increase your website traffic but your website bounce rate increases too much. You were getting traffic from harmful sites, which is not a good thing for any website.

Always check the analytics of your website. Like if your websites have health-related content to only for selected peoples but you are getting traffic, which has nothing to do with that content. Then you can easily understand that you got bot attack on your website.

This effect your domain name and google block it permanently. That’s why we recommend the use of security plugins on your website. Security plugins always kept your website away from such types of harmful attacks. Wordfence plugin is the most popular plugin which safe you from such types of attacks.


That’s all from this topic. Friends hope you follow and like our posts tips to protect your website and its data safe. Guys, if you have any suggestion for us, then please make comment below, and if you have any idea to protect the website, then please share in the comment section. 🙂

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