8 Tips Before Choosing Secure Hosting To Protect Your Website

8 Tips Before Choosing Secure Hosting To Protect Your Website

Tips Before Choosing Secure Hosting To Protect Your Website

Internet security and privacy should always be first for us. Now, when we want to start a website, what do we need in it?

First, we select a domain name. Then a good and secure server to host that domain name. Now safety comes first. The site that we start will have data of many users. We need a good server to protect it.

Now, what do we need in that good server? So that we can keep our website secure. In this post, we shared some tips which is necessary for secure server. So always be careful before choosing a secure server and keep these tips before choosing secure hosting to protect your website. Which we will talk to you about today in this post. Let’s start.

1- Firewalls Protection

Firewalls Protection Icon free

What is a firewall? And how can it help to protect your websites from suspicious activities on the internet?

A firewall is a security system or protection for internet works, and it is like a wall which protects our website from every suspicious activity happening on the internet world. In firewall security, whatever traffic is coming to your website, it filters it so that no unwanted things enter in your website. A firewall allows only wanted items to your site.

A firewall protects our website from both inside and outside. This is why it is the most used security tool in the Internet world. We should add this feature to our website or always buy the hosting that gives you this feature.

When we made any website, we must think that safety is the priority for that website. In the safety process first, we need a secure hosting provider which protect our website and enable with firewall feature.

Because whatever data we are putting on our website, it is all stored on the server. If hosting provider has firewall feature enabled, then our data and website both are in the safe zone.

We suggest SITE GROUND Hosting for your website. It has all features which provide you Secure Hosting To Protect Your Website. You are safe if you have Site Ground hosting.

2- DDoS Protection

DDos Shield Protection icon

What is DDoS attacks and effects of this attack?

What happens in this, when the traffic on our website suddenly increases, and our website stops working immediately due to heavy traffic load. So you understand that your site has become a victim of DDoS attack.

In order to close or down any site, hackers made a DDoS attack. This attack is not carried out by one hacker. Hackers need the entire team to carry out these types of attacks.

These attacks are made in three ways.
1- Traffic Attacks – In such attacks, the hackers send high volume data in the form of TCP, UDP, ICPM packets to the target website server. In this case, the server’s ability to store the data is complete, and the server begins to slow down or shut down the website.

2- Bandwith Attacks – In that case, hackers send or upload massive amounts of junk data to sites. Because of which the bandwidth of the site goes away in comparison to its actual bandwidth capacity. The server starts stopping the website.

3- Application Attack – In this case, hackers send multiple requests to a single function of the website. Because of this, the website becomes unable to handle all requests on a single task. This causes the server to overload, and it slows down the site.

How Can We Prevent Our Website By DDoS or DOS Attacks?

You can use Cloudflare service to stop the DDoS attack on your website. Cloudflare works as a firewall between our web requests and websites.

What happens is that when the website receives a request, or the users send something to it, then it first goes to our server and then to the site. Now, for this reason, hackers send DDoS attacks direct to your site.

But if you have a Cloudflare service, then the web request first goes to Cloudflare and then to the website server. Cloudflare prevents all DDoS attacks and protects our site.

To prevent the DDoS attack, you can use dedicated hosting too.

So always use a hosting provider which offers free Cloudflare service to you and also have Secure Hosting To Protect Your Website.

3- Antivirus Protection

Antivirus Enabled

Antivirus is a security system that protects our laptop or Internet work. Antivirus exists as software for us. We can use any paid antivirus software to protect our system from malware and viruses.

Hackers send viruses and malware to your system as a file, which can affect our system badly. When these viruses enter our system, hackers easily hack our system, and they can do anything with our privacy.

So, in that case, we should use antivirus software to protect our system. To protect your website, you need a protective server. We should always use hosting providers that have antivirus software.

We can identify this by looking for the option of scan virus in our Cpanel. Due to this option, we can quickly scan for viruses on our website. If there is a virus inside our site, it tells us and deletes it.

So always use a server which has this feature.

4- Anti Spam

anti spam icon

 What is Spam and How Can it affect our website?

Spam is unwanted internet things like comment, messages, emails, and offers, which we receive in our inbox and websites via unsolicited comments. When we get lots of unwanted messages and repetitions on unwanted emails, then we can say that these are spams.

Spams are annoying, and it affects the storages of our website. Because of this, we have many problems, and we think it is right to stay away from these problems(Spam). Spams can kill your website and its effect of your website ranking too.

So always use hosting that can help you to reduce spams score of your website and free your websites from spams.

5- HTTPS/SSL Security certificates Enabled

HTTPS AND HTTP for safe browsing

What is HTTPS and SSL, and how does it affect our website security?

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)

This is due to HTTPS when you transfer your data from the browser to the server. Which means that your data is encrypted during the transfer between the server and your browser. This makes our website completely secure.

Nowadays, Google selects more websites that have a secure connection. Google ranks such site higher than unsecured websites.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

How can I get HTTPS connection to our website now? In that case, you need an SSL certificate. Almost all hosting providers give this certificate. But many hosting providers avoid this option to offer affordable hosting to users.

Most users avoid this feature, which can lead to insecure connections to your websites, and your data and passwords may be insecure. If a hacker tries to hack your site. He can easily hack due to this weak connection. So always choose hosting with SSL certificate and protect your website and data.

6- Domain Name Privacy

What is domain name privacy and how it works?

Domain name privacy is an option in which our entered information during the time of domain name buying will be hidden for all. Nobody can see it.

When you choose a domain name, for this, here you have to enter your personal contact information which includes your phone number, name, and email address. Which also becomes public for all.

Once it is registered on the Internet, it can be stored forever, which we can see anytime through the WHOIS database.

Now, that’s not a good thing, but don’t worry because most hosting providers provide access to choose your domain. They give you an option called Domain Name Privacy. You all must accept it.

In a domain name privacy, user information is encrypted by domain name organizers. When someone checks your data in the WHOIS database, it cannot see your personal information.

So when you buy a domain for your website, you have to choose this option. It increases your bill but don’t worry. It will also increase your privacy and secure your website.

So always choose a hosting provider that can give Secure Hosting To Protect Your Website.

7- Automated Backups

Automated Backups free icon


What is automated backup?

Automatic backups are tasks in which your daily Internet tasks are automatically saved to your database by your server. Many servers do not offer this option, but it is essential.

Due to automatic backup, our hard work never lost and if any hackers try to hack your website. It acks your website and deletes all your data, at which time automatic backups help you get all your data back.

So always choose a server that can give you the option of automatic backup.

That’s all from this post. Hope you follow all these tips before choosing a best and protective hosting provider. Guys, please comment below if you have any suggestion for best server and who is your favorite hosting provider. 😉


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