5 Android Security Settings: Which Protect Your Phone


Guys check our 5 Android Security Settings: Which Protect Your Phone in which we shared android safety tips. Nowadays, a large number of people use Android phones. Android is a platform, where we get lots of useful apps. But has anyone ever thought about the privacy of Android phones? Whether our data stored in it is secure or not. Can anyone else run our Android phone?

Yes, it can happen. But don’t worry friends, today we are going to talk about some settings of Android phones, through which we can keep our phone absolutely safe. Even if someone steals our phone, they cannot use it without us.
So let’s know about some 5 Android Security Settings that provide a solid security layer to our phone. Let’s start.

5 Android Security Settings: Which Protect Your Phone

1- Google Ads Security Settings

Out of these five settings, the setting of Google ADS is essential. Actually, would you have noticed that we see ADS similar to our search history in our phones?

Which means we are being monitored here. What we are looking for and doing on your phones. Google is watching each of your activities.

But do you know how Google does it and how we can get rid of these ADS by turning off a few small settings of our phone?

Sometimes you get very upset with these ads. Because you are repeatedly shown the same product that you bought or you did some research on it on Google.

So be ready user, we are going to tells you how you can do that?

First fo to your phone Settings >> Google >> ADS >>, then here you can see the option “Opt out of Ads Personalization.” Enable this option, which is disabled by default.


Android Security Settings Sign


Android Security Settings google


Android Security Settings ads


Android Security Settings Opt out of ads personalization

After discontinuing this option, we will see ADS, but it will be completely different from your search history and personal activities.
So friends, with these small settings, you can feel safe and get rid of the helpless visible ADS.

You can also check our this topic in which we shared How Ads network work and how we stop all ads from following us.

2- Screen Lock Security Settings

Now on the second number, we talk about your lock screen settings. This is as important as drinking food for us.

Friends, If you value your privacy, then you should always use the screen lock settings in your phone. Because what happens if our phone gets stolen by mistake or someone steals it. So he can do anything with it. Such as your personal photos, videos, and your relevant documents, he can easily take them all or make them publicly viral.

If we use our bank apps on our phone, then it can also harm us by tampering with our bank details.
Now, what do we have to do to avoid this? So let us tell you how you can always keep your phone locked using screen lock settings. And you can unlock your phone whenever you want.

First, go the phone Settings >> Security >>  Screen Lock, now click on screen lock after then you can see many other options here like, Swipe, Pattern, Password. Here avoid Swipe and choose anyone from Pattern and Password because these three provides real safety to your phone.

Steps Afters Selecting Phone Settings

Android Security Settings


Android Security Settings Screen Lock


Android Security Settings screen lock PIN


In the pattern, you can draw your pattern by engaging four dots with each other.
In password, you can choose your private numeric keys, through which you can unlock your screen.

Select one of them and lock your phone screen. Now open screen lock settings and here select “Power button instantly locks,” turn it on. It locks the screen by the one press of your phone power button.

Here the second option you can choose “Automatically lock,” in this you can see timings like 5 seconds, 15 seconds and many more. Choose 5 seconds here because, if your phone does not see any activity for 5 seconds, then it will lock the screen.

3- Google Access with voice match

The third number we talk about is the “Access with voice match option” for Google. Now its benefits are many, but if it comes to our personal privacy, then it is also a bit wrong.

What happens in this is that a voice code has created by Google, which is named “OK Google.” We can give any command to our phone by speaking OK Google.

But here when it comes to “Access with voice match option” results, many times we say OK Google by mistake, and if our phone is in our pocket or purse, then it becomes active. Due to this option of Google, we can give any command to our phone even after the screen is locked. Such as sending messages and it can also access our emails, contacts, calendar.

Now to turn it off, we have to follow these step.

First go to phone Settings >> Google >> Account services >> Search, Assistant & Voice >> Voice  >> Voice Match >> , nowhere you can see option “Access with voice match(Hey Google)”. If it is on turned it off. 

After Selecting Phone Settings

Android Security Settings google


Android Security Settings account services


Android Security Settings assistant voice
Android Security Settings assistant voice


Android Security Settings google voice


Android Security Settings Voice Match


Android Security Settings access assistant
If it is on then turned it off.

By following these step now, google voice search command not work when your screen is a lock. Because I noticed that, some times it working on another character voice too. So turn off this setting and secure your phone.

4- SIM Card Lock Security Settings

On the fourth number, we will talk about the SIM lock settings. See friends these days, everyone’s SIM card connected to their bank accounts, and many of their personal contact numbers are present inside the SIM.
Now suppose if someone steals your phone for some reason and then remove your sim and take it on another phone. So that thief can tamper with our personal information. All these things can be very dangerous for our privacy.

But before doing this setting on your phone, I want to tell you one thing about what happens in it. When we start this setting on our phone, our SIM asks for a PIN. By the way, this pin can also be 1111 by default. But you can put it at your own risk. This pin is also present with our network provider.

Before inserting this, we should know the PIN by calling customer care of our network provider because we get three chances to insert this pin. And if all three go wrong, then our SIM gets blocked and asks for another PIN which we call PUK code.

Do not panic when your SIM is blocked, and you do not have a PUK code. We can also find the PUK code from our network provider’s website or care. When we get this PUK code, we can create the PIN we have chosen for our SIM, which is very safe for us.

Enable this setting on your phone by following these options on your phone.

First Go To Phone Settings >> Security >> Sim Card Lock, now click on this option and you can see “Lock SIM Card,” turn it on if it is off. You can also see one option “Change SIM PIN” here. You can change your SIM PIN if you have your current SIM PIN.


Android Security Settings


Android Security Settings advanced
Click On Advanced Here If Not Found Sim Lock Settings


Android Security Settings sim lock
Here Select Sim Which You Want Lock


Android Security Settings Lock Sim Card
Here Now Setup The Pin For Your Sim

Because of this setting if someone steals your phone and put out your SIM. If he wants to use this SIM on another phone, then it first asked SIM PIN on any other phone. So select this setting and give one another step to your phone privacy.

5- Find My Device Security Settings

The last and fifth settings that keep your phone safe, not just your data.
What happens in it when our phone is lost due to our mistake, or we forget it after putting it somewhere. So these settings help a lot in finding our phone. Sometimes our phone gets stolen, in that case, it is very beneficial for us.

You can find these setting by following these step.

First Go To Your Phone Settings >> Security >> here look at this option “Find My Device.” Click on this option. This option redirects you to your google play store. Here you can see the app named with “Google Find My Device.”


Android Security Settings Sign


Android Security Settings Find My Device
By Selecting This Setup The Find By Device Deatils.

Install this app on your phone. Log in with your official Gmail which you are using in your phone.

Now if your phone lost or stolen by someone, then you can find your phone by “Find My Device” app or you can visit android.com/find via your web browser. In both case first, you log in your google account which you used in your phone. Now here you can locate the location of your phone, Ring the phone and lock your phone if your phone is in-network or have a data connection.


That’s all friends, from this post. Do all these 5 Android Security Settings : Which Protect Your Phone and Privacy. Please do comment if you like our post and give suggestions to us how we can save our android mobile.

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